Who am I?

Some derp in these internets who should probably get to doing more than just writing about himself.

What do I do?

...mostly just procrastinate from my primary interest of game-making. Or, I suppose, in that case, that procrastination from game-making would then be my primary interest...

How I began doing what I do:

Self-taught in the area of programming, I began my game-making journey in late 2013. Attempting to learn Blitz3D so that I could mod SCP: Containment Breach, I failed miserably. I ended up settling with Stencyl for a while instead, and remained with it for as long as I could stand its limitations. Eventually, I returned to my quest of conquering Blitz3D, and was successful. The next 3 years or so after that, I would go through endless amounts of procrastinaion and half-assed attempts at learning new languages, until I arrived at the spot I am today. Weee!